We Provide Sales & Local technical supports for the Following products in Bangladesh: 

  • Needle detector " Oshima, Hashima & Cintex of UK. (Obsolete) 
  • ELECTROLUX Professional, Laboratory & washing range.
  • GRADEN Snap Buttons & Zippers (buyers nominated)
  • Light Box “VeriVide” of UK
  • Light Box "Mcbeth" of USA.
  • Light Box "Tilo" of HK.
  • Cotton Lace of China & Taiwan
  • D- Ring of Graden
  • Button Pull test Machines, SafGuard
  • Textile Moisture Meter “AQUA BOY”of Germany 
  • PANTONE tcx color book of USA
  • PANTONE nylon right color book of USA
  • PANTONE coated & un coated color book of USA
  • Stainless Steel Metal Gloves "Whiting Devis" of France.
  • All kinds of China Woven & Denim Fabrics.
  • Pocketing Fabrics of Bangladesh.
  • Laboratory equipments 
  • Mechanical Shaker.
  • Incubator,
  • Perspirometer,
  • Digital Balance for GSM & chemical measure.
  • DO Meter
  • TDS Meter
  • Digital pH meter “Trance” of Singapore
  • Digital pH meter of Romania.
  • Pick Counter
  • Digital Vernier scale "Mitutoyo" Japan.
  • GSM cutter 
  • Croko Master auto. 
  • Croko Manual
  • BALLAST & Front Panel Display & D-65, TL 83, TL 84 etc LAMPS for VeriVide Light Box.
  • Fusing & Needle detector belts, Customize belts,, etc.
  • Digital Sound Meter, Barcod Scanner
  • Digital & Manual Thickness Guagge
  • Hand hold metal detector
  • Ph Meter Hanna & Trans
  • Security Metal Detector
  • Digital Lux meter, Bonding test machine
  • Digital Calipers for button thickness measure
  • Vacuum Spoting Table with Gun

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