Incubator Digital in Dhaka Bangladesh

Item Specifications
Digital Precesion : Laboratory Incubator
Capacity:  20L , 30L, 50L
Country :  Taiwan
Warranty:  1 year 


 Simple keypad input allows easy temperature setting.
* LED digital display enables users to monitor the chamber temperature at any given moment.
* Visual alarm indicator alerts users of abnormal conditions if the chamber temperature exceeds the setting points by 10℃.
* The temperature can be controlled and maintained to 70℃.
* Shelves can be adjustable.
* Double doors allow sample viewing from the acrylic door.
* Quality certification: ISO 9001, ISO 13485 

Contact: Cell: 01971-828220 / 01611-828220 / 01552-828220/01761804900-6 , Tel: 8190744,8190745, 8190505,

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